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Our Trails and Conditions

We will attempt to keep you aware of any issues and current status of our trails as well as any others we hear about. 

Also please see our Facebook page for updates.

Check Links page for more info on other areas.

Drift Skippers maintained  trails.
Our trails include the Soo Line from Onamia to McGrath; Kathio State Park, Foxy Loop, Red Top Loop, Hwy 47 north to County Road 18 and south to the Dew Drop Inn.
Lake access on groomed trails to Kathio State Park at Eddy's Resort and groomed trail into Wahkon at the end of 3rd Street. 

drift skippers groomed trails map
Onamia Map
Wahkon Map
Isle Map

See Locally tab for options of eating, gas and sleeping.

Snowmobile Trails 


Kathio Park Trails

The new trails are completed and were made wider. They are ready for frozen ground and riding.  There is access to and from the lake Via Eddie's, who will have limited hours over the winter


New Spur

Due to land loss,  a new spur was added off the Mike Helpin trails south toward dew drop inn and will be completed as a detour to Fiddlesticks south of Isle.

Snowmobile on trail with deer

ATV Trails 


South Soo Line

Work on our trails continue with cutting down hanging overhead branches and prep for the snowmobile season.

The ORV park, off Hwy.169 in Onamia, and the Redtop Loop will be closed for the firearms deer hunting season, from November 4-19, 2023


Drift Skippers Update

The soo Line will be groomed and open through November 1st.  Redtop loop is closed 11/1 for hunting.  

ATVs in a line on the trail


  • Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources Grant-in-Aid Snowmobile Trails are open to the general public from December 1st to April 1st for snowmobile use only.

  • Do not run an unauthorized motor vehicle on designated trails unless preauthorized by permit, lease, easement or DNR approval.

  • Observe the 50 miles/hour maximum speed on all trails, unless posted otherwise, and then ride accordingly.

  • Ride on the right, for two way traffic on all trails, unless marked otherwise.

  • Check lake conditions, before crossing on a snowmobile, on any connecting lake with an ungroomed trail.

  • Always observe posted trails signs and be environmentally aware of what the recreational vehicle may cause to public and  private lands. 

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