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Our Trails and Conditions

We will attempt to keep you aware of any issues and current status of our trails as well as any others we hear about. 

Also please see our Facebook page for updates.

Check Links page for more info on other areas.

ATV Trails

Soo Line South Trail – Skirting the southern edge of Lake Mille Lacs, it makes its way eastward from close to Genola nearly to Superior, WI. The 114-mile trail passes through five Minnesota counties and travels through farmlands, wetlands and woodlands as it follows the former railroad grade.  Riders can also access the Red Top Trail & Foxy Loop between Isle and McGrath as well as the Salona and Soo Pits Trail toward Moose Lake.  The Soo Line South ATV Trail also connects with the 148- mile Soo Line North ATV Trail, southwest of Moose Lake.

Difficulty: Easy
Parking/Trailhead Location(s)  Parking is available at the Drift Skippers club house in Isle, MN  
Season: Open April 1 to November 30
Vehicles Allowed:  ATV Class I and II and OHM.

MAP of Soo Line South and Foxy Loop 

The Foxy Loop–This ATV trail  provides an interesting and scenic detour off the main Soo Line Trail onto wooded DNR Forestry managed School Trust Land. The Loop, and this section of the Soo Line South Trail, is provided by Mille Lacs County and maintained by the Mille Lacs Drift Skippers Snowmobile ATV Club.

Distance:  6 Miles
Difficulty: Easy to Difficult
Parking/Trailhead Locations: From Isle the trailhead is 3 miles to the east off the Soo Line South Trail.
Season: May 15 to November 1
Vehicles Allowed: Class I only

Red Top ATV Trail – The trail is a series of challenging loops that have developed a reputation for abundant technical backwoods riding and plenty of rocky terrain. Enthusiasts can loop around in this 25-mile system all day and feel like they’re miles away from civilization, yet it’s a quick ride west to Isle on the Soo Line South Trail to re-enter populated areas for food, gas or lodging options.

Distance:  25 Miles
Difficulty: Easy to Difficult
Parking/Trailhead Locations: From Isle the trailhead is 4.6 miles to the east off the Soo Line South Trail.
Season: May 15 to November 1
Vehicles Allowed: Class I, OHM and Class II allowed on some portions.

MAP of Red Top  Loop  →  


Want to keep going?   

The Solana Loop is a scenic 15-mile detour off the Soo Line South Trail, passing through the beautiful Solana State Forest. Level terrain opens to occasional rolling hills while winding through stands of mature oak trees.

Distance:  15 Miles

Difficulty: Easy to Difficult

Vehicles Allowed: ATV class I and II, OHM 

MAP of Solana Loop 


ATV Trails 


Soo line is open unless groomed for snowmobiles

Foxy and Red Top Loops remain closed to ATV's


Soo Line is open for ATV's as of  3/1/24 per DNR

Foxy Loop and Red Top remain closed at this time to avoid soft low lands being damaged.  We will open ASAP.  

ATVs in a line on the trail

Drift Skippers maintained  trails.
Our trails include the Soo Line from Onamia to McGrath; Kathio State Park, Foxy Loop, Red Top Loop, Hwy 47 north to County Road 18 and south to the Dew Drop Inn.
Lake access on groomed trails to Kathio State Park at Eddy's Resort and groomed trail into Wahkon at the end of 3rd Street. 

drift skippers groomed trails map
Onamia Map
Wahkon Map
Isle Map

See Locally tab for options of eating, gas and sleeping.

Snowmobile Trails 

2024 riding season was greatly anticipated and briefly but highly enjoyed!    Looking forward to 2024-2025 season

Snowmobile on trail with deer
New Groomer and drag
groomer and drag at night


  • Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources Grant-in-Aid Snowmobile Trails are open to the general public from December 1st to April 1st for snowmobile use only.

  • Do not run an unauthorized motor vehicle on designated trails unless preauthorized by permit, lease, easement or DNR approval.

  • Observe the 50 miles/hour maximum speed on all trails, unless posted otherwise, and then ride accordingly.

  • Ride on the right, for two way traffic on all trails, unless marked otherwise.

  • Check lake conditions, before crossing on a snowmobile, on any connecting lake with an ungroomed trail.

  • Always observe posted trails signs and be environmentally aware of what the recreational vehicle may cause to public and  private lands. 

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